20x Free Bride Tickets | Simple Way To Get More Wedding Bookings/Orders

20x Free Tickets - Midland Wedding Show


It can be difficult to predict what makes brides/grooms buy or book, can't it.

Well there's a really simple technique called the 'Law of Reciprocation', which can help you get more bookings or orders - especially at fairs.

I help my wedding supplier exhibitors clinch more deals at my wedding shows using this one, free strategy.

It involves giving all exhibitors 20x complimentary tickets to the wedding fair, to give to their prospective customers (brides and/or grooms).

I promise that your prospects will love you for it... And likely reward you with an order/booking.

Here's my 2min video showing you how it works and how you can get it to work for your wedding business.

Once you become an exhibitor with Midland Wedding Show, you’ll immediately be offered 20x FREE TICKETS.

We do this based on the Law of Reciprocation…

You see, when someone does something nice for us, we feel compelled to reward that generosity.

So, when you offer your brides or grooms free tickets to the wedding show, they’ll feel compelled to reward that kind gesture…

I promise they’ll love you forever!

Not only will they attend the wedding fair. They’ll most likely make a bee-line for you – often to secure their booking with you.

I have some limited availability at my Spring Midland Wedding Shows:

Wouldn't it be great to come on board and warm up those cold prospects you thought were 'dead in the water'?...

You could test out the Law of Reciprocation today, if you joined my show(s).

You can reach me on 01926 485 411 or use the contact form here.