[ANSWERED] Top 5 Exhibitor Questions for Midland Wedding Show at Villa Park

ANSWERED Top 5 Exhibitor Questions

As we approach the next Midland Wedding Show, I’m receiving a lot of questions from exhibitors, which are all very similar.

So we decided to do a quick video to answer the top 5 questions commonly asked.

What are the shell scheme panels covered with?

Our shell scheme panels are covered in Royal Blue nylon loop fabric.

What are the dimensions of each panel of shell scheme?

Each panel measures 2m (h) x 1m (w).

Each panel is secured and braced together.

There are no cross struts across the top of your stand.

Your fascia board will be secured to the back panels of your stand, rather than running along a front gantry system.

How should I decorate my stand and can I stick anything to the panels?

You can decorate your stand in a number of ways in order to set your stand apart from fellow exhibitors.

To secure lightweight items to the panels of your stand please ONLY use the ‘hook’ side of Velcro discs (attached to the item you wish to hang). The nylon loop fabric will act as the ‘loop’ side, meaning you don’t actually have to stick anything to the panel.

For items a little heavier, up to around 3kg’s you’ll need to hire these special picture hooks from our contractor.

If your item weighs a little more than 3kgs you may use multiples of these hooks to hang one item.

To hire these special hooks please contact me to arrange this for you.

Can I stand in the aisle ways, leaving more room for equipment and furniture on my stand?

The simple answer to this is ‘No’.

All of the items you wish to bring, including furniture, display items and you and any representatives must comfortably fit within your purchased space.

Naturally you may step into the aisle ways to attract attention from prospects, but please do not plant yourself in the aisle ways for the duration of the show.

When will I know about set-up times and other practical info for the wedding show?

The Exhibitor Pack will be sent to you within the final 1-2 weeks on the run-up to the event.

It will include all set-up and breakdown timings, loading/unloading information and absolutely everything else you’ll need to know for the day.

If you have any other specific questions, please forward them to us.