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  • Organisers’ Note

Wedding fayres wedding fairs Midland Wedding Show Natalie Hannaford-Rooney

Since moving the Midland Wedding Show away from The Belfry Hotel in September 2015, we managed to secure 2 new venues for 2016.

I’m delighted to announce that the Midland Wedding Fayres will be continuing at Aston Villa (Birmingham) and the National Motorcycle Museum (Solihull) during 2017.

These  new  venues  have proven  to be  really successful in terms of enticing lots of exciting exhibitors as well as achieving some of our highest visitor footfalls.

Going forward, we’re carrying on with our ‘space-only’ format as it’s proven so popular with exhibitors.

Lots of our categories for our Spring 2017 shows are already fully booked. But if you’re receiving this newsletter it means we still have availability for you (as we speak).

We’ve now streamlined the booking system for securing stands. Everything is now done online - including payment by credit/debit card.

We continue to be head hunted by numerous top wedding venues; This is always a great morale boost. We’re in talks with some new venues at the moment, so as/when we confirm any new events we’ll let you know.

Included in this newsletter are details about our 2016 shows and how you can join our next events.

If you’re interested in joining our show(s), call 01926 485 411 or email infomidlandweddingshow.com.

  • 600 Brides at Midlands # 1 Wedding Fair

wedding fayres wedding fairs Midland Wedding Show aston villa

What an incredible wedding fayre we had at Aston Villa in March 2016; Over 600 brides alone attended the event. This firmly cemented this event as the Midlands Number 1, One-Day, Wedding Show once again.

The show was so busy that we had queues stretching out into the car park most of the day.

We’re seeing a massive increase in the number of grooms attending the show with their brides-to-be. In previous years, it was really unusual to see the grooms, but it would appear that they’re now very keen to be involved with the planning process; which is great to see!

In terms of the types of couples attending, we also saw more Carribean and Asian couples, with much larger weddings to plan.

With over 90 exhibitors spread throughout the ground and mezzanine floors, there was something for everyone.

Aston Villa FC has such great transport links that couples were coming from across the Midlands.

After analysing the details brides registered with at the show we could see that brides typically came from Birmingham, Solihull, Walsall, Redditch & Coventry.

The results the exhibitors experienced were phenomenal.

Paul Neale from Severn Scent gave us a fantastic video testimonial, in which he told us that he’d taken at least 10 deposit-secured bookings at the show, and had 12 more hot leads to follow up on.

In his video Paul recommended the show to other wedding businesses, and recommended that you ‘get in quick’ to get a good position.

Kate from Bridal Reloved said she loved the show also. Her collection of top designer gowns were absolutely stunning.

Kyle Perry from LiquidBlu said they did ‘extremely well’ from the show and are keen to do the next show.

Magic Bob also said that the show had been ‘fantastic’ and that ‘lots of business came our way’.

For our 19th March 2017 wedding fair at Aston Villa, we’re just about to confirm if we’ll be having the Live Lounge (performance area) on the mezzanine balcony.        

The visitors certainly enjoyed being able to sit back, relax and enjoy the live performances from the bands at the show.

We’ve got a number of improvements planned for the Midland Wedding Show at Aston Villa on 19/03/17...

We’re making the walkways larger for visitors, so they can get better access to exhibitors.

We’ve already removed the shell-scheme from stands, making them ‘space-only’; exhibitors have already told us how much they prefer this.

The event will also be themed, creating more impact for visitors as they enter the show.

We’ve had more previous exhibitors book this show than ever before, combined with new and exciting suppliers, joining the show for the first time.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the next show on 19th March 2017, please call us on 01926 485 411 or email

  • A Funny Tale: Students, Coaches and The Belfry

wedding fayre wedding fair Midland Wedding Show Just Exhibitions

Over the past few years some weird and wonderful gossip-stories have come to light about our wedding shows.

Here’s one such story. Enjoy.

A few weeks ago I was talking to an existing customer of mine (let’s call him Bill).

Bill has been a customer of mine for at least a decade. He has exhibited with me at virtually all of my wedding shows, including the hugely successful show I used to run at The Belfry Hotel - easily a 500 bride show, everytime we ran it.

A few weeks ago me and Bill were just generally talking about the wedding industry and fairs. He started telling me a story about a conversation he’d had with his friend/business associate (let’s call him Simon).

Apparently Simon had asked Bill’s opinion on wedding which wedding fairs were good. Bill immediately began to recommend my wedding shows, to which Simon said:

“Someone told me that the only reason Natalie’s shows were so busy is because she used to employ students, hire a load of coaches and bus them into the event, pretending to be brides.”

Whilst Bill was telling me this, we both started to howl with laughter! Obviously, this is total nonsense.

For a while now my competitors have been left scratching their heads over how I get so many people to my wedding shows. I’ve heard some weird gossip stories over my time, but this really took the biscuit and tickled me.

My secret to getting lots of visitors? It’s as plain, simple and boring as lots and lots of advertising. If this story was true, the cost I’d have to spend per head to get coach-loads of students to attend my fairs would be vastly more than I actually spend on good, old-fashioned advertising to get genuine brides in.

I hope this story has tickled you as much as it did me and my team.

  • Over 400 Brides From The West Midlands & Warwickshire

wedding fayre wedding fair Midland Wedding Show National Motorcycle Museum Conference Centre 1

In September 2016 we held the Midland Wedding Show at National Motorcycle Museum (Solihull), where well over 400 brides alone attended.

For a maiden show, these levels of attendances are unheard of - so the exhibitors (and us) were chuffed to bits!

There were around 80 exhibitors are the show, from all service categories. The show looked fabulous, as it was all held in one large room - the Britannia Suite.

The show opened at 10.30am to a very (!!) long line of visitors. Luckily we’d just invested in a scan-ticket system (instead of having to re-register people as they came in) so we were able to get visitors in really quickly, giving them more time to shop around.

wedding fayre wedding fair Midland Wedding Show National Motorcycle Museum Conference Centre 2

We’ll be using this scan-ticket system at each of our shows from now on. It means that the number of guests entering can be calculated instantly too.

As we’ve laucnhed a new service allowing exhibitors to email visitors, attending brides and/or pre-registered (but didn’t attend) brides from the show.

As we know that your results skyrocket the quicker you follow-up with a lead after you’ve met them, this new service allows you to do this (through us) within minutes of the show ending... So that you’re at the forefront of the brides’ minds from the get-go.

We managed to get round to speak with most of the exhibitors, where the response was overwhelming positive. The number of bookings taken by exhibitors was phenomenal - in true ‘Midland Wedding Show’ tradition.

At the next show here on 2nd April 2017 we’re using 2 rooms, still on the ground floor. These rooms have fantastic mood lighting, which we’re excited to try out!

The number of repeat exhibitors (who booked the 04/09/16 event and are now exhibiting at 02/04/17 event) is greater than ever before! This is testament to the results these exhibitors experience.

wedding fayre wedding fair Midland Wedding Show National Motorcycle Museum Conference Centre 3

With the location of the National Motorcycle Museum (just off the A45/M42, opposite the NEC complex) the majority of brides came specifically from Solihull, Coventry, Nuneaton, Warwick, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth. If you’re looking to attract business from affluent parts of the West Midlands, as well as Warwickshire then this is the fair for you.

The transport links to this venue are brilliant. It’s located just off the A45 and M42, which has links to the M6, M40 & M1. It’s just opposite the NEC complex, so the directional signs are very easy to follow.

The next Midland Wedding Show at National Motorcycle Museum (also known as the National Conference Centre) on Sunday 2nd April 2017.


  • 5 Ways To Avoid Terrible Wedding Fairs in 2017

January is the most popular time of year for businesses to book wedding fairs. So, here’s a helpful checklist of questions to ask every organiser before you part with your money:

  1. How long have you been established? It’s really important that you choose an organiser that’s been established for a number of years and knows what they’re doing. We’ve been established as organisers since 2004.
  2. How many exhibitors re-book shows with you show-on-show? If exhibitors aren’t re-booking in their droves then that’s testament to the previous fair being poor.
  3. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee? All organisers should give you a Money Back Guarantee. It’s that simple. If they’re not prepared to give you this protection, ask yourself ‘Why not?’. We’re the ONLY wedding fair organisers in the UK to offer a full Money Back Guarantee.
  4. How many brides alone came to your last show? It’s important to ask the organiser to give you the brides attendance figures (separate from the overall visitors figure) so you can see how many active prospects you might see at the show.
  5. What other support are you giving me to makesure the fair is successful for me? Pre-show promotion can be really helpful in getting orders at the show. Online promotion on their website and social media is key. We do this for all of our exhibitors. We also run Wedding Show Success Secrets webinars to help our exhibitors squeeze every drop of business from their investment.

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