[HOT OFF THE PRESS] More Brides & Grooms Will See You Than EVER-BEFORE With The NEW & IMPROVED Stand Layout At The Midland Wedding Show, 16th September 2018

Midland Wedding Show wedding fair NEW Stand Layout


It's important that you know about the hige improvements we've made to the layout of stands at the next Midland Wedding Show, 16th September 2018 at the National Motorcycle Museum. These changes will directly and dramatically improve the visibility of stallholders.

As you'll see on the flat plan, we've now made 2 central pods, which are all main-aisle facing.


With the new layout comes a much easier flow of traffic through both suites too. Flushing brides and grooms past EACH & EVERY stand means they won't be able to miss the lucky exhibitors who get to join us at this award winning event.

The visitors are already buying their tickets in their droves! This going to be one-hell-of-a-wedding-fair!

We have some spaces left in certain categories - call Natalie and Gail for more info - 01926 485 411.

Stallholders at the next show will now have vastly improved visibility and exposure giving them infintely more opportunities to chat to eager-to-buy brides and grooms much more easily; this means one thing - more serious conversations with prospects = more bookings/orders/appointments.

We're going to have the same vast crowds on the 16th September at the Midland Wedding Show. On average we attract well over 500 brides plus other visitors on top.

  • We'll Help You Convert More Customers - FREE!

If you're unsure about how you'd speak to and convert all of your prospects from the show into paying customers, well we can help there too! We give each and every exhibitor free access to our Expert Training Videos - Wedding Show Success Secrets. These will ensure you walk into this event with a solid marketing foundation and system for recruiting customers easily.

  • EXCLUSIVE! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - The UK's Only Wedding Fair To Do This

If the Midland Wedding Show wasn't already enticing enough, we're proud to offer all our exhibitors our exclusive Money Back Guarantee. In fact, we're the UK's only wedding fair to give our customers such protection. Although we know you're never likely to need it (as you'll LOVE the wedding fair), it's there just in case.


As we said above - we have just a few spaces remaining. Call Natalie/Gail on 01926 485 411.