The Most Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
So, you're considering attending the Midland Wedding show at the National Motorcycle Museum, with me?

Since our stands went on general release last week I've had lots of questions from potential exhibitors about the show.

Just in case the same questions/objections are holding you back from booking your stand at the wedding show, here's a little FAQ session for you...

  1. "I'd love to come, but the price is too high"
    I'll be blunt here. "You get what you pay for, especially with wedding fairs."

    Look past the price and really SEE the results that an investment with me could bring you.

    For example, one exhibitor took £6,000.00 of confirmed bookings off the back of a £300ish stand investment with me. Another floristry exhibitor took "14 confirmed bookings" at the show - let's just estimate that each of these bookings was 'only' worth £200 - that still means they yielded at least £2,800.00 from a £300 stand investment. I could go on, but instead you can watch the results for yourself in our YouTube gallery here.

    If after seeing and reading these kinds of results you're still drawn to the £100ish wedding fair (with little/no obvious results), then I'm afraid I can't help you.

    If it's purely about budget though - I can help you spread the cost into smaller chunks. In fact, I'll spread the cost into up to 4 installments. This would make each installment less than £88.

    Don't go running away with the idea that I have bags of cash at the end of a wedding show. I don't (!!). Let's break down some rough costs I face in bringing you over 300 brides to each wedding show...

    Conservatively we spend over £20,000.00 on room hire, Facebook and Google campaigns, newspaper advertising, email marketing software, postcards and stamps alone - that's without some of the other costs that really rack up.

    So the choice is yours. Stick with cheap wedding fairs (of which I hear horror stories about every day of the week), or join a professional wedding exhibition, with time-served proven results time and time again.

  2. "What's the wedding fair Money Back Guarantee all about?"
    The Midland Wedding Show is the UK's only wedding fair which comes with added protection for it's exhibitors, in the form of our unique money back guarantee.

    So long as you've made your payment(s) to us on time, you can rely on this guarantee to 'get you out of jail free' (so to speak) if you're not happy in the first hour of the wedding show. It's a total satisfaction guarantee.

    I've made a little video for you, explaining a little more about it, so here it is:
  3. "Do you have photos from the last event, so I can see the show and get ideas on how to set-up my stand?"
    Yes, we have tonnes of photos from the last event in April 2017 & September 2016. The show is positively bustling with visitors (as you can see).
    Midland Wedding Show at National Motorcycle museum 2nd April 2017

    Midland Wedding Show at National Motorcycle Museum 4th September 2016

    Call Natalie on 01926 485 411 to discuss stand options.