This Exhibitor Secured 60% Of His Wedding Bookings For The Next 2 YEARS At Just ONE Midland Wedding Show

Severn Scent Videography SUCCESS at Midland Wedding Show

Whilst I recognise the power of the Midland Wedding Show, it still amazes me just how much business it brings in for the exhibitors who join us.

When I hear all the wonderful things our exhibitors say (and tell their colleagues) it makes us all burst with excitement about the next show on 4th September 2016.

Here's Paul Neale of Severn Scent Videography. He came along to our Midland Wedding Show in March 2016, over at Aston Villa FC. The show was amazing, with just under 600 brides attending.

Here Paul tells us that he did 'really well' and took 'at least 10 bookings' and a further '12 enquiries from people who are coming back to us'. As a result Paul said he'd recommend the Midland Wedding Show to other wedding businesses and encourages people to get great positions (which means booking as early as possible).

Later when I spoke to Paul on the phone a few weeks after the show he said that he had 23 bookings for the next 2 years and that 2/3rds of these bookings came from the Midland Wedding Show he did with us. This is such fantastic news.

Imagine being able to generate 2/3rds of your bookings/orders for the next 2 years in just one day! That's exactly what Paul Neale experienced with us. No wonder he's re-booked the Midland Wedding Show [now at] the National Motorcycle Museum on 4th September 2016.

Stands are now on general release for this event. Some categories are already fully booked!

Call us today on 01926 485 411 or email us via our 'contacts' page.


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