A Growing Problem; How To Avoid Terrible Wedding Fairs

UK's Only Money Back Guarantee Wedding Fair Wedding Fayre

You may have been affected by terribly attended wedding fairs? Or you might not have tried wedding fairs, for fear of choosing a bad one?

Over the past few years there’s been a growing problem in the wedding fair industry, where the majority of fairs are very very poorly attended…

Sometimes as few as 20-30 people attend certain fairs.

Some are wedding fayres which have been great in the past (attracting 150+ brides), but now struggle to top 50 people.

It's a growing problem.

These poorly attended fairs aren’t easy to spot – some are extremely cheap whilst others are very expensive.

  • So, we decided to invent our exclusive and unique moeny back guarantee.

To help you distinguish our wedding fair from these increasing number of terrible events...

And protect your investment with us, so you always know there’s a ‘get out of jail’ free card if you're not satisfied.

  • What does our wedding fayre guarantee cover?

As it’s a satisfaction guarantee, it’s there for you to call upon if you’re not satisfied with any part of our service…

Say you get to the event and you’re not happy with the location of your stand, or your neighbours, or even the paint colour on the walls…

You can call in the guarantee.

Unfortunately, whilst our exhibitors have some of the highest sales records of all time, our guarantee doesn’t guarantee you’ll make sales at our wedding fair…

I don’t know how good-a-salesperson you are.

As the wedding fair organiser it's our job to get 100's of brides to you. Heck, we even show you the easiest ways to make sales – but you have to know how to sell your service/product.

  • 'What’s the catch?' - you might be thinking...

There isn't one. We’re fully transparent about our guarantee.

All you have to do it to have set-up your stand on the day of the show and paid you’re invoice(s) on time.

To call in the guarantee you’ll also just need to let me know within the first hour of the show opening…

Why within the first hour?

  1.     Well the first hour is when you’ll best be able to judge the success of the show as most visitors attend during this period.
  2. Secondly – I’ll be honest - This time-frame is also to protect our guarantee from misuse.

The full t&c's are available to see in black and white in our booking terms and conditions.

It’s a no-hard-feelings guarantee – so as soon as you let me know you’d like to call it in, you’ll simply break down your stand and leave the event.

Your refund would then be sent to you after the show.

NO other wedding fair in the UK offers this protection (!!!) – I ask myself ‘why not’?...

We can only assume that other wedding fairs aren’t actually that certain that the guarantee wouldn’t be called-in by the exhibitors.

So, that’s the Midland Wedding Show’s unique and exclusive money back guarantee.