Improvements to the show

We've listened and taken on board all feedback regarding the last show. We truly feel that positive praise and constructive feedback is the key to making the show even better. Thank you.
Here are our plans for the next event...
Limiting the suppliers per category
Based on exhibitor feedback, some previous exhibitors will be left disappointed, and unable to book stands once stands in their sector become full... So book quickly to avoid disappointment...
We're re-introducing our '10% cap' policy. This means that we'll only accept a maximum of 10% of the total number of stands per category (based on 110 stands being available at present). But in most categories, these caps will be FAR lower than 10%, restricting your level of competition further.
Aisle way width
We're ensuring that all aisle ways are a minimum of 2.5m wide - with some being as wide as 3m. (They were 2m wide at the last show).
New venue & advertising
With the elevated levels of investing in a larger venue, in a better location plus investing in far more advertising, our stand prices have increased (but are still not as high as our previous charges when we were at The Belfry).
The National Motorcycle Museum/National Conference Centre is perfectly located with easy access from the M42, A45, M1, M6 - connecting us to brides and grooms from across the entire Midlands.
With over 1,000 free car parking spaces, there's ample space for the droves of visitors who'll be drawn to us.
National Motorcycle Museum Midland Wedding Show
National Motorcycle Museum Midland Wedding Show
National Motorcycle Museum Midland Wedding Show

Space-only format
Based on an overwhelming majority of exhibitor feedback asking for this, and our inclination to keep costs as low as possible, we've removed our shell scheme and opted for a 'space only' format. Here your chosen position size will be marked out for you, in which you can hire table(s) from us or bring your own.
This means that there won't be any shell scheme dividing your stand from your neighbours, but instead there'll be clear and unequivocal markers showing where your stand starts and finishes... Therefore avoiding problems where exhibitors overstep their stand boundaries.
NEW! Payment Plan
We've introduced a new payment plan that allows you to pay for your stand in up to 4 monthly installments. The sooner you book your stand, the more months you'll have the option of paying over. The closer we get to the show, the fewer payment installments we'll be able to offer you though - so the earlier you book the better on this one.
[LOWERED] Reduced Show Guide Advertising Prices
As you'll see from the Info Pack, we've been able to reduce the prices of advertisements in the show guide for you, making it more accessible to more exhibitors, for less.
[LOWERED] Reduced Prices of Electrical Supply/Sockets
As we've been able to remove some of the middle-men, we've been able to pass these savings on to you, saving nearly 50% off the previous costs.
[LOWERED] Table costs (and option of table cloths)
Again, we've been able to reduce the cost of hiring 4ft and 6ft tables from us. We've also added in an option where we'll provide you with a fitter Spandex table cloth (white), for an additional fee. Of course, if you have your own table (and/or cloth) please feel free to bring your own.
Show open times
Again due to feedback, we've intensified the event to 10.30am-3pm.

We hope you like the changes we've made!
We have a few more changes still planned (which we think you'll LOVE!), but we're just awaiting on confirmation. Watch this space.
See you at the Midland Wedding Show on 4th September 2016 at the National Motorcycle Museum.