One Easy Way To Spot Bad Wedding Fairs

Lots of people think about going to wedding fairs to advertise and promote their wedding business. Perhaps you've even done a few fairs?

Increasingly, in my line of work, I speak to more and more wedding suppliers who've been really badly stung by wedding fairs - both really cheap and expensive.
So, how can you spot the good wedding fairs from the bad, and the bad wedding fayres from the downright UGLY?!
When a wedding fair organiser is prepared to be fully open with you, that's a great start...
Yesterday I screenshot my inbox of just a few of the ticket bookings coming in from Brides and their guests...
Why did I do this? Most wedding fayre organisers would cough and splutter at the thought of divulding such information (mostly because they merely hope people will find out about their event and PREY that people will actually turn up). 

Me, I like to be a little more concrete with my events, and know exactly how many are turning up before the show. That way if I feel we're a bit light on ticket sales, we can do an advertising push to make sure that the event will get a great turnout.

So, here's a screenshot I took yesterday, of some of our ticket bookings...


MWS tickets

And, here's a screenshot I took a few days ago…

MWS tickets

One of the main reasons people are worried about exhibiting at the Midland Wedding Show is whether or not brides will turn up on the day.

Especially if you've not exhibited at our wedding fair before, it must be hard to believe us when we say we get up to 600 brides through the door, in one day. 

I get that, and that's why I shared my screenshots. There are 100's more ticket sales (but I can't screenshot them all into one screen).
As I write this, both pictures are well out of date. 

And our intensive advertising hasn't started yet! GULP!

So, moral of the story. When booking your next wedding fair, if the organiser isn't prepared to screenshot their attendance records for their pending show, avoid it like the plague!
Still a couple of stands left at our Midland Wedding Show if you're interested in exhibiting click the link below for more info:
 Or better still just call me (Natalie) on 01926 485 411.