Why A Bespoke Wedding Dress Could Make Your Dreams Come True... Kim Kardashian Seems To Think So!

Bespoke wedding gown Midland Wedding Show wedding fayre

As a bride to be, have you tried wedding dresses on and loved 'the top of that one' and 'the bottom of this one' and 'the detailing on there', but never really been able to find THE ONE that has it all?

If you answered 'Yes', you're not alone!

More and more ladies, like you, are choosing to have their wedding dresses tailor made for them. Unfortunately, lots of brides don't choose this route for fear of it being a much more expensive option... But they'd be wrong to believe this.

Kim Kardashian opted to have her wedding dress designed from scratch with Givenchy. And WOW! what a result!
Kim kardashian Midland Wedding Show wedding fayre

Meanwhile, over in the real world...

Melissa over at Tailormade by Millie has been designing wedding dresses for Midlands brides for years! In fact, her business has grown so much she's now moving into a brand new studio in July 2016!

Melissa tells me that she finds designing wedding gowns 'magical'. 'Being able to see a wedding dress come to life is wonderful'.

By choosing a wedding dress designer who is also an expert seamstress makes the whole process much easier. The bride has full control over the finished article.

With Melissa, she invites brides to have a consultation with her. There she'll spend as much time as you need to draw out a design, adding in all the elements you desire. After this she then brings the design to life with a temporary gown made from fabric. Here the bride can see how and where things sit on her own figure, and make further changes to make your gown simply perfect.

Melissa then gets to work on creating your very own, bespoke and unique wedding dress.

An important thing to mention is that Melissa includes all alterations within the cost of the bespoke gown...

When I was choosing my dress, this was an extra expense I'd not even considered! So after I'd bought the gown I must have either thought that I wouldn't need it altering, or assumed it was within the cost of the wedding dress. My own personal alterations cost several hundred pounds. So, with Melissa avoiding any surpirse costs for you this way - it's a big BONUS!

Tailormade By Millie also can also create bridesmaids dresses too! Again all from scratch and tailormade to your maids.
Tailormade by Millie bespoke bridesmaids Midland Wedding Show National motorcycle museum

Tailormade by Millie bespoke bridesmaids Midland Wedding Show National motorcycle museum

Melissa will tailor your gown to your budget.

So, if you're a bride struggling to find the PERFECT dress, that has everything you want, then you should get in touch with Melissa!

Please QUOTE: RECOMMENDATION when contacting Melissa.

Call Melissa on 07909 223 690

Tailormade by Millie Midland Wedding Show National motorcycle museum