'Your testimonials are FAKE', he angrily exclaimed

'Your testimonials could be fake... You could have employed actors' is what a wedding DJ said to me last week, after he'd requested info about the Midland Wedding Show.

Like all wedding-related businesses, I work darn hard to give my customers a great service.
By facilitating amazing results, customers are able to tell me about them in their testimonials.
If you're a business and you have testimonials, you'll know how rewarding it is to receive testimonials!

First-off, if I'd 'employed actors' and a tv crew I'd be really flippin' disappointed with the 'shaky' camera effect, tv blurps ('ums' and 'arghs') and overall sound/picture quality.
Let's admit it, the picture/sound quality is a bit rubbish!

But, no wonder they're a bit rough round the edges when you consider I record them on my iPhone.
I certainly don't profess to be an expert videographer. However I am an expert wedding show organiser and can genuinely help you get brilliant results...
Especially if you've been stung by rubbish fairs before Natalie.
The results businesses (just like you!) experience at the Midland Wedding Show IS incredible and IS sometimes hard to believe... That's why I like to record them in some way.
We have testimonials from most sectors... I'd love to send you testimonial videos from the same service sector as JustExhibitions & White Wedding Pages, so you can see what's possible.
Email me (info@midlandweddingshow.com) with your service-type and I'll get the 'shaky' (lol) video links sent back to you.
We still have some stands left at the Midland Wedding Show 04/09/16, from £215.
Me and the team are available to chat on 01926 485 411.
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